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ncatnip This is the first installment of ncatnip, an occasional posting of current student work in visual media. Click on any image below to see a larger version. These illustrations were done by students in FA369 Advanced Digital Media: Samantha Rodriquez ‘10, Henry Ginsberg ‘11, Jordyn Buzza ‘11, Jayne Galusha ‘10, Natalie Kurtz ‘10, and Lucia Bonsack ‘10. The pieces, which are self-portraits, were made with Adobe Illustrator CS4.

sam on_ree jordyn
jayne natalie lucia

ncatnip Episode 1: click on a thumbnail to view image
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Look for future episodes of ncatnip and other displays of student work to be featured here from time to time.



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  1. amy Says:

    hey Chris! thanks for putting these up!!
    The project is described here:

    As their first serious foray into vector-based illustration, students were asked to create a self-portrait using Adobe Illustrator. Vector-based imaging involves creating shapes and lines that use mathematical equations to preserve the shape/image as opposed to fixed pixel-size imagery, also called raster imagery that other imaging software such as Photoshop uses. Using Illustrator, students are able to create a variety of output-sized images, such as very large-scale prints, without the images losing resolution or looking at all degraded.

    For this assignment, students began by tracing their own head shot, self-portrait photos to create an outline. Some students printed out the outlined image, crumpled it up, and photocopied it multiple times to give it a “grungy” appearance. Others just proceeded by coloring in the cells that the outlines created and added their own flavor to the works. After much toil over color schemes and backgrounds, they ended up with the lovely works you see here.

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks, Amos!

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