ncatnip: student multimedia work

ncatnipOnce again, it’s time for ncatnip, a sampling of euphoria-inducing student work from the NCAT. This time, we have a multimedia project by John Cummin ‘12, Dora Ehrhardt ‘10 , Tansy Peplau ‘11, and Nate Torres ‘11. They have unearthed a 1950’s-era instructional video that explains the wonder of the iPhone. From FA/MUS/PCA270 Collaboration Across the Arts.

An Introduction to the iPhone

ncatnip Episode 2: click the image above to view.
video ©2009 by the artists; all rights reserved.



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  1. Fran CC Says:

    Excellent Work!

    I thought it was amazing, it just motivated me to do my own videos as awesome as this one.

    It was really good, I’m really impressed.


  2. Aurora Says:

    Perfect in every way! How can I get a copy to keep forever and ever?

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