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Student Staff

(note hours are subject to change)

Fall ‘14  Semester:

Sean Coleman ‘15
Major: Music and Psychology
Proficiency: Logic Pro, Sibelius, GarageBand, Max/MSP/Jitter
Hours:  Mon. 7-9pm, Thurs. 6-8pm, Sun. Noon-5pm

Tzintzun Aguilar Izzo ‘15
Major: Film, Multifield major
Proficiency: Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, iMovie, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects, Processing, Large format printing
Hours: Tues. 4-8pm, Wed. 4-6pm, Thurs. 4-6pm

William McMaster ‘16
Major: Environmental Economics and Music
Proficiency: Sibelius, Photoshop, GarageBand, Excel
Hours: Wed. 6-10pm, Thurs. 10pm-midnight, Sat. Noon-2pm

Will Schaeffer ‘16
Major: Geology/Economics
Proficiency: iMovie, Photoshop
Hours: Mon. 9pm-midnight, Wed. 10-pm-midnight, Sun. 10pm-midnight

José Miguel Santelices Ormazabal ‘17
Major: Music
Proficiency: Sibelius, GarageBand, Logic
Hours: Mon. 4-7pm, Thurs. 8-10pm, Sat. 2-4pm, Sun. 5-7pm

Steven Yardley ‘16
Major: English & Music, Education minor
Proficiency: Logic, Sibelius, GarageBand, iMovie
Hours: Tues. 8pm-midnight, Sun. 7-10pm